Can I work from home?

System Requirement Labs provided the first computer test in 2005 and has done over a billion system checks since then. Take our quick, free, easy test to see if you have the right computer to work from home. We’ll analyze your specs and download speeds to evaluate if you have what you need.

If you’re lucky enough to have a work from home job, or just want to make the most of time stuck in the house in 2021, then you are going to need the right gear.

There are lots of tech choices to make when picking the best PC for working from home. It used to be the domain of freelancers, but now lots of people are needing to try remote working.

When making a home office essentials list there are some important things to consider you need to consider.

Normally battery life and weight on a work laptop are super important – but on a work from home laptop these are less vital. Having a slightly portable setup that means you can be more compact and move around the house, but what do you need to find the best laptop to work from home for your situation.

A cheap webcam will do everything you need and is vital if you don’t already have one on your laptop - no need to really be hunting down the very best webcam. You will of course need a good keyboard, mouse and monitor - but no need to spend too much on this. Where you should be overspending is an ergonomic office chair for back pain reduction and general comfort. A good office chair under $200 should do the job.

For voice communication a lot of people use services like GoToMeeting (which has a free trial), Zoom, Flock, Skype or ever just Google Meet - formerly known as Google Hangouts.

You’ll need decent broadband… but in 2021 you can’t be sure of getting the speed you were promised. Our advice is to buy the best you can afford and download rather than stream video and music files.

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