Budget Cuts System Requirements


Minimum Requirements:

  • CPU: Intel i5-4590 / AMD Ryzen 1500X
  • CPU Speed: Info
  • ram: 6 GB
  • os: Windows 7 SP1 or newer
  • Video Card: GeForce GTX 970/1060 or Radeon RX 480
  • Pixel Shader: 5.1
  • Vertex Shader: 5.1
  • Dedicated Video RAM: 4096 MB

Budget Cuts game details

Since Budget Cuts is a game designed for VR, the system requirements are quite high. Your GPU needs to at least be a GeForce GTX 970 or Radeon RX 480. Get ready for an awesome stealth game where you must rely on your dexterity to zip, sneak, and rambo your way through some thrilling office-themed combat.