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How Instant Expert Analysis adds power to your company website.

Sell more products - With Instant Expert Analysis on you website customers can not only confirm that a program will or won't work with their existing system, it can direct them to other upgrade options. Like an experienced super salesman, it can connect the customer's needs to the products that will help optimize their system. The result - pleased customers who are getting exactly what they need and increased sales for you.

Instant, Affordable Technical Support - Live technical support can be a time consuming, very expensive process. Online support options can be more cost effective, but potentially frustrating experience for users. By adding Instant Expert Analysis, you can get a solution that is low cost, effective, and exceptionally fast.

Users have a one-button option that does a comprehensive analysis of their hardware and software and then directs them to the correct solutions. Before someone calling live tech support has finished hearing his or her "Welcome...please hold" message, someone using Instant Expert Analysis has a solution.

Reduce Product Returns - Few things create more upset customers and consumes more staff time than handling product returns. Trying to make customers understand that they can't return opened software while they feel cheated because the product won't run on their system is an ugly situation.

When you integrate Instant Expert Analysis into your website, customers can discover if a product will run on their system before they buy it. Even more important, if there are issues, you can direct them to the correct upgrades, or alternate products that will run. This is all done with a fast, one-button solution.

You get fewer attempted returns, less wasted staff time, and much happier customers.

Learn more about how to get Instant Expert Analysis integrated into your website. It has worked for companies such as NVIDIA, Activision and AMD. It can work be a powerful enhancement your company as well.