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Can You RUN it (CYRI) Questions
General Questions

What browsers are supported by SRL?
Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Edge
What operating systems are supported by SRL?
Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
How does Can You RUN it work?
CYRI will install a small piece of software that detects your computer’s system information. It then compares this information to the system requirements of a game and provides a detailed analysis of each piece (CPU, video card, video card memory, RAM, OS, etc.). It will tell you which pieces pass and fail the requirements so you will know exactly what needs to be replaced (if anything).
What does the analysis actually mean for me?

Our analysis is designed to test your system strictly against the official requirements set by the publishers.

If you get green checks on everything for the “Minimum” requirements, this means that your PC should be able to run the game on at least low-medium settings.

If you get green checks on everything for the “Recommended” requirements, this means that your PC should be able to run the game on medium-high settings.

If your PC fails at least one test on "Minimum" requirements, it means that your PC will struggle to run the game, if at all.

What is “Performance Rating” for CPU Speed?
Performance Rating is our attempt to make comparing CPUs easier. What happens when publishers/manufacturers create requirements is they sometimes write the CPU speed requirement based on a Pentium 4 speed. But both Intel and AMD have moved away from the "Speed" race with their CPUs and have instead created more powerful processors without actually increasing the raw CPU speed. Also, there are many CPUs that have multiple cores which increases their computing power. What may be confusing is that even though a CPU has two cores, it does not necessarily mean you can double the listed speed on it. This is where the Performance Rating comes in. As part of our ranking system, we have assigned a value to each CPU that will be multiplied by its listed speed to give you a new adjusted speed. We do this so that your Core 2 Duo running at 2.0 GHz will still pass a requirement that is set at a single core CPU running at 2.2 GHz.
Why does CYRI say my PC will fail to run a game, but I am actually able to run it?
CYRI analyzes your computer based on each product’s official system requirements provided by the publisher.  And publishers usually write requirements that have to fit on a retail box (hence not very detailed).  That situation is compounded by many different configurations of computers that cannot possibly be tested by each publisher.
Why do some games not show the recommended requirements?
Some games will only list one set of requirements officially so we just make those the “Minimum” requirements. If you pass these, you should be good to go!
Why does the video card requirement fail when CRYI shows that all the video card features (i.e. VC RAM, Pixel Shader, etc) pass?
This means that your video card failed the model test. The individual features that we show an analysis for are not the only important parts of the video card. An example would be if you had the GeForce 8500 and the requirement was set at the GeForce 8600. The 8600 is more powerful than the 8500, so in this situation the test would fail, even though VC RAM, Pixel shader, Vertex shader all pass.
Why do some requirements just say “Info?”
This is just our way of creating a placeholder in the test. CPU requirements are written differently for each game – some will list specific models while others only say something like “2.0 GHz CPU.” Instead of listing the requirement twice in CPU and CPU Speed, we will label one of them as an Info row. This makes the system just report back your info without testing it. Note: an info row has no impact on your analysis and will not affect whether you pass or fail.
Why does my Intel GPU almost always not pass the requirements?
Currently, Intel only makes integrated video cards. Most games don’t mention a minimum model for integrated cards because most games are written to make use of a dedicated video card. Many publishers do not support integrated video cards because they are usually less powerful and the drivers are updated less frequently.
I can’t find the game I’m looking for, what should I do?
If there’s a game you want added to the system, all you have to do is ask. You can contact us on Facebook or Twitter@Canyourunit or by email at info@husdawg.com.
The requirements that CYRI lists don’t match up with another list I found elsewhere – who is right?
That’s hard to say. Normally we only add requirements only if they come from a reliable source (publisher site, Steam, Origin, etc...). There will be cases though, when a game will update their requirements after it has been out for awhile (maybe because of a patch or new DLC – this happens often with MMOs) and we miss it.  If you see updated requirements, please let us know.
What information is collected during the scan?
The scan automatically collects hardware and system software information only. Information such as CPU, CPU speed, OS version, RAM, Graphics Card, Sound Card, DirectX version, etc. System Requirements Lab does not automatically collect any personally identifiable information.
Is any personally identifiable information collected during the scan?
No. There is no personally identifiable information collected during the detection process.  Only hardware and system software information is collected by this scan.
Can I delete the Detection applet after it scans my computer?
Yes. To delete the Detection applet, search your computer for 'Detection.exe'. Once you find it, just delete that file.
What are drivers and why are they important?
Drivers are small pieces of code that are written to help your programs communicate with your hardware properly. New drivers are released periodically and should be downloaded as soon as you can.