Sparc System Requirements


Minimum Requirements:

  • CPU: Intel i3-6100 / AMD FX4350 or greater
  • CPU Speed: Info
  • ram: 8 GB
  • os: Windows 10 64bit or newer
  • Video Card: NVIDIA GTX 960 or greater
  • Pixel Shader: 5.1
  • Vertex Shader: 5.1
  • Sound Card: Yes
  • Free Disk Space: 8 GB
  • Dedicated Video RAM: 2048 MB

Sparc game details

Sparc is one of the first vSports - a unique physical sport that is only possible in a virtual reality environment. Duel against other players or against the AI in a series of challenges designed to make you better! The System Requirements for Sparc ask that you have at least a GTX 960 and a Core i3-6100 or an AMD FX-4350. It also requires 8 GB of RAM.